Performance Management

The success of a business is merely an extension of the performance of the people within the business. Poor employee performance or conduct can be difficult to manage. Incidents can also arise that affect multiple employees, not just an individual, and these types of incidents require a sophisticated and speedy solution.

ResolveHR can act as an advisor, investigator or mediator. We assist with identifying the prevalent issues as well as any underlying concerns.

As there can be procedural and possible legal and financial implications when managing performance-related concerns, ResolveHR aims to bring about solutions that are smooth and commercially sound. More importantly, we minimise risk and maintain compliancy.

When working as an HR partner for a business, ResolveHR knows the responsibilities assigned to each and every employee and strives to create and maintain a system in which staff performance can be most easily managed.

Additionally, as a third party, ResolveHR can mediate grievances in a seemingly less threatening way and employees may be more open and honest as they aren’t being confronted by the managers they report to on a daily basis.