Terminations and Restructures

Whether an employee is newly hired or ‘a part of the furniture’, asking people to leave can be stressful, complicated, time-consuming and above all, risky.

ResolveHR can manage these processes from end to end within workplaces. Managers and staff value their time and having ‘headspace’ so having a third party to handle terminations and staff restructuring within an organisation can minimise risk, ensure compliance and help the performance of a business to be smooth and continuous.

ResolveHR is not a specialist recruitment consultancy so our business model doesn’t revolve around placing people in roles (we have strategic partnerships with companies that do that!). As such, ResolveHR is more concerned about the overall functioning of your business dynamic as a whole and helping you to find the right people who align with your particular business in terms of their personal and professional skills, capabilities and attributes.