Bullying & Harassment: Episode 12

Episode 12 is LIVE!

[less than 3 minute viewing time]

• Do you have a bullying and harassment policy in place? 

• Are you checking in regularly with your employees? 

• Do they really understand the concept of ‘procedural fairness’? 

For anyone running a business, it is inevitable that at some point you will have to deal with a complaint or a grievance in relation to bullying and harassment from one or more of your employees.

Too many business owners will quickly dismiss such a complaint from a staff member as merely a whinge or put it down to the employee just having a bad day.

By not taking a complaint seriously from the outset, you may quickly find yourself trying to navigate through a minefield.

When it comes to bullying and harassment, you can’t just sit on the problem for a week or two and then decide to do something. Whether or not you consider a complaint to be serious or petty, you need to act – and act fast. These are not situations where opinions come into consideration.

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