Compliance within a Human Resources Network: Episode 10

Episode 10 is live!

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• Do you really appreciate all the intricacies around compliance?

• Have you seriously considered the ramifications of a potential breach?

• Are you prepared for your business to suffer reputational damage?

Compliance is a serious issue for every business. However, unfortunately far too many owners of SMEs often don’t realise just what a critical issue it is.

When all is said and done, compliance is simply about keeping your business safe – from both the employer and the employees’ perspective – ensuring that everyone abides by the policies, procedures, and ethical practices that apply to your business.

The fallout from any potential breaches of the Fair Work Act can not only be exorbitant financially but there is also a high probability that your business will suffer reputational damage. And in this era of grievances spreading like wildfire across social media, this should be something you avoid at all costs.

Even if you think you know what your compliance and legal obligations are, it’s still worth consulting a specialist to make sure you are not in breach. Order your FREE copy of “Is Your Team Failing or Kicking Goals?” today and book in your FREE consultation

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