Recruitment: Episode 8

[approx 3½ min viewing time]

• Do your stress levels increase just thinking about recruitment?

• Can you actually distinguish between a candidate’s skills and competencies?

• Did you know that 1 in 5 new hires are already actively looking for a new job within 6 weeks of starting in a job?

When you’re running a SME, it’s not always easy to keep on top of it all. You do everything possible not to drop the ball but inevitably the area of the business that is often the first to feel the cracks is recruitment.

One of the most overused phrases is business today is that “our people are our greatest asset”. However, when it comes to SME’s in particular, recruitment is often the first area to suffer.

It’s often hard to just to get your head around the entire recruitment and selection process let alone having enough time to see it all through. And yet getting it wrong can potentially be very expensive and cause problems with culture and productivity within the organisation.

If you haven’t got a formal recruitment process in place, then now might be the time to ensure you put the wheels in motion for your 2021 hiring strategy. After all, not every business can afford to engage the services of an external recruitment consultant. But then again no business can really afford the cost of a bad hire.

Recruitment is not just about ‘job fit’ or simply getting ‘a bum on a seat’. If you try to recruit on skill set alone, or if you simply ‘trust your gut’, you’re going to regret it. You need clear selection criteria a structured process in place. Order your FREE copy of “Is Your Team Failing or Kicking Goals?” today and book in your FREE consultation and ensure you have a better chance of hiring the right candidate for your next vacancy.

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