Risks with Recruitment – Episode 9

[Approx. 3.5 minute viewing time]

Candidate attraction and selection is critical to the success of any business, and SMEs are no different.

It’s often hard to just get your head around the entire recruitment process let alone seeing it all through. After all, who really has time to write a job description or capabilities statement for every role in the business? You’re (probably) not an expert copy writer, so how do you know if the ad you post online will even attract the right candidate? Should you do it yourself or should you engage an external recruiter? What do you need to look for in a recruiter? Come to think of it, what you even look for in a candidate’s CV?

Whilst you’re an expert at what you do in your business, when it comes to recruitment, all of a sudden you’re expected to be a specialist in personality assessment, organisational psychology, and behavioural analysis. How can you really identify the ideal candidate? What should you really be looking for during an interview? How can you properly distinguish between a candidate’s skills and competencies?

Then of course just because you interview a high calibre applicant and make an offer, it certainly does not guarantee that they will accept the role.

If you haven’t got a formal recruitment process in place, then now might be the time to ensure you put the wheels in motion for your 2021 hiring strategy. I appreciate that not every business can afford to engage the services of an external recruitment consultant. But no business can really afford the cost of a bad hire.

Recruitment is not just about ‘job fit’ or simply getting ‘a bum on a seat’. You need clear selection criteria a structured recruitment process in place. If you know anyone who typically recruits based on skill set alone, or who typically ‘trusts their gut’, please forward this email on to them, or get them to visit www.optimisingyourteambook.com.au today to order a FREE copy of “Is Your Team Failing or Kicking Goals?” to ensure they have a better chance of hiring the right candidate for their next vacancy.

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