Approaching an underperformer: Episode 2

[approx 3.5 minute viewing time]

  • Why are you so afraid of confronting underperforming employees?
  • Are you concerned about the tension it may cause?
  • Are you really prepared to accept mediocrity?

Whilst you are certainly not alone, it’s important to realise that if you don’t deal with underperformance, you could find yourself on the slippery slope to reputational damage.

However, if in your role as a leader, you check in early enough and regularly enough (both formally and informally) and take a genuine interest in what your team members are doing, many issues around underperformance can easily be mitigated.

If you’re feeling vulnerable or worried about how to deal with an underperformer, especially in a time of uncertainty like we’re facing right now, order your FREE copy of “Is Your Team Failing or Kicking Goals?” today and I’ll have my team send it out. 

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