Establishing a strong HR foundation for your team: Episode 6

[3 mins 15 secs viewing time]

• When did you last conduct an audit of your business processes?

• When did you last review your employment contracts?

• Is there a chance you might be exposing yourself to unnecessary risks without even realising it?

When your small to medium sized business reaches a critical mass (in terms of headcount), you can no longer get away with not having proper structures in place.

While having a set of “policies and procedures” or an “official code of conduct” might sound more like ‘corporate jargon’ than typical SME speak, a lack of formal structure can have a negative impact on your culture, reputation, finances, and even your legal position.

Employment legislation is constantly changing. Are your contracts up to date? Do you have an appropriate social media policy? Have you implemented a bullying and harassment reporting procedure? Is there a diversity and inclusion framework in place? Have you created a staff handbook including a formal onboarding process? Are all your team members aware of their rights when it comes to personal leave? What is the company’s official view on remote working moving forward?

If you’re now thinking that there’s a chance you may not have your HR foundations quite right, you are not alone. Not having policies, practices, and frameworks in place covering legal and other critical situations is one of the biggest challenges facing SMEs today.

Perhaps it’s time for an audit of your HR frameworks to ensure that all your policies and procedures are up to date for 2021. Order your FREE copy of “Is Your Team Failing or Kicking Goals?” today and book in your FREE consultation.

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