Exploring the Risks of Poor Culture: Episode 5

Episode 5 is live [2 min 50 sec viewing time]

• Do you really know the true cost of staff turnover?

• Is there a chance some of your team members are feeling disgruntled right now?

• Are you rewarding your staff appropriately?

It’s a myth that the cost of losing a staff member is simply the salary you’ve paid them, or perhaps the fee to find their replacement.

What if I told you that that true cost of losing a staff member can actually be as high as four times what you were paying them?

It’s true. So you literally can’t afford to have disgruntled employees who either don’t feel rewarded, recognised, respected, or who feel they don’t have a meaningful connection with their boss (you!).

When you see everyone in your organisation as part of a professional family, everybody wins. If your team members are all invested, they will want to give their best.

Spend more time catching people doing something right than doing something wrong.

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