Connection & Culture: Episode 4

Episode 4 is live!
[Just under 3 minute viewing time]

• You know you want to create a winning culture, right?
• Have you ever asked your team members what they want?
• Is there a disconnect between what you’re creating and what your employees actually want out of their careers?

If you are a small business owner and find it difficult to build a meaningful connection with all your employees, you are not alone. In fact building meaningful professional relationships with individual team members is one of the biggest challenges facing SMEs today.

Buying a table tennis table for the office, shouting the team pizzas every Friday, or keeping the fridge stocked with craft beers is not the way to creating a winning culture.

Your staff want to feel that they are appreciated, valued and respected and have opportunities to learn and develop.
Ask your employees what’s important to them when it comes to their own career development. If you don’t ask, you’ll never know. Having open, honest and transparent two-way conversations can be a game changer.

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